You can just prepare the usual gifts; a bouquet of flowers, a greeting card, a cake, or a new outfit. But there's nothing wrong with celebrating International Mother's Day this time in a unique but still sweet way. Previously, we advised you to take a day off to realize the following sweet ideas. Of course, your mom wouldn't refuse to spend a day with you doing these fun things!


1. Bedroom Service


Usually, the mother is always the one who gets up early at home and prepares various family needs. On this special day try to do the opposite. Get up earlier than your mother and prepare bedroom service like in a five-star hotel. Prepare his favorite breakfast menu and have breakfast together in bed while talking to each other can be a warm moment for both of you!


2. Joint Art Therapy


You may have heard of art therapy or art therapy. This method is used to help restore mental health. But not only that, this method can also be used to recover from tension or boredom that arises due to daily routines. So, why not invite your mother to take a break from her routine to do therapy together? Art therapy can be a fun activity for both of you. The choice of activities also varies, ranging from coloring, drawing, finger painting, photography, or being creative with clay. Definitely exciting!


3. Shopping for Plants


Does your mother like to take care of plants? Collecting and caring for plants has become a trend in recent years. There is nothing wrong with accommodating his hobby on this one. Take him shopping for plants he likes along with beautiful pots. Even better if you can help her rearrange the plants at home.


4. Complete Mom's To-Do-List


Imagine what your mom used to do on a daily basis and try to be her for one day! Let your mom relax through spa or beauty treatments, while you take her place in completing to-do lists like cooking and other household chores (though we all know you can use food delivery and house cleaning services, right?). Make sure your mom just relaxes on this special day. Treat your mother a well-deserved self care time at House of ULTIMA II – ULTIMA II’s holistic beauty center and enjoy 45% off for Elite Face & Body Treatments.


5. Anti-Aging Hampers


Are you unable to take time off or stop by your house on Mother's Day? Don't worry, there is always a way to put a smile on your mother's face. Sending a surprise gift containing a series of anti-aging skincare is a sweet and useful gift. You can gift her ULTIMA II Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum, a luxurious anti-aging and brightening serum that reveal and maintain the skin's inner glow as well as protect the skin from external aggressors. Infused with Pure Caviar Extract to help slow down the aging process by smoothing the skin and reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. PolyMarine Saccharides, to moisturize and protect the skin. ` that encourages skin regeneration and minimizes aging signs. Leaving skin looks radiant.


Completed it with Procollagen Supreme Caviar series that perfectly combines Signature Collagen from ULTIMA II Procollagen Essence and Caviar Complex to maintain skin density and elasticity. This series consists of Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Essence, Procollagen Supreme Caviar Eye Serum, and Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Cream.



Besides the above 5 sweet surprise ideas for this year International Mother's Day, don’t forget to give the best gift of all—giving your mom the warmest hug!

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