This is one of the most awaited season as it is a joyous celebration surrounded by loved ones and families. Let’s celebrate this season and create wonderful impression by looking beautiful, elegant and youthful. Here are some few tips and tricks on how to achieve the look.

Choose a Modern Outfit

There will be a time when you are required to wear Cheongsam on this joyous season. This traditional outfit sometimes portray a sensual outlook because it enhances your body curves. If not chosen correctly, Cheongsam will make you look too ‘traditional’. To achieve the ‘young’ look, choose a Cheongsam with modernized elements, such as Cheongsam with pastel colors or small patterns. This few modernized Cheongsam elements will bring a more youthful and fresh look upon wearing it.

Avoid Heavy Hair Styling

Hair plays an important part when it comes to creating a youthful appearance. To achieve it, simply create a clean hair do to pair up with the Cheongsam. Try to create a messy bun for a casual look so it doesn’t look too formal.

Natural Makeup is Always the Answer

Just like how we always say ‘less is better’, applying a natural looking make up is always a good idea to achieve a fresh and youthful look. Bold make up look portrays a message as if you’re trying too hard and we don’t want that. If you still want certain areas to pop, you can add just a little bit more element to it, for example applying highlighter on your cheek bone or your brow bone. But do avoid heavy makeup on your whole face as it will look old.

Healthy Skin from Within is The First Step of All

The fresh and youthful look on all the points above can only be achieved if you have a healthy skin condition. When you have healthy skin, natural beauty will radiate from within and all your make up and style will compliment each other and create a perfect combination. It is true that having a healthy skin is not a one-night process. But it’s always recommended to start treating your skin as soon as you can.

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