Halloween is getting closer! Commemorated every October 31, it was originally celebrated to exorcise evil spirits and bad luck, which was carried out as one of the traditions of the ancient Celts. However, over time, this tradition has turned into a costume party for adults and children where they will dress up in costumes like monsters, witches, and some other favorite characters.

If you're planning to celebrate this year and are looking for inspiration, 6 makeup looks below will make your Halloween one of the most unforgettable moments in 2021!


1. The Captivating Medusa

The inspiration for the first makeup look was the Medusa character. Although it is known as a creature with a head filled with snakes and has terrible eyes where people who look at it will definitely turn to stone, but actually Medusa is a beautiful woman who charms and makes the gods of Olympus love her. To get a look like this, you can start by applying several series of makeup products from ULTIMA II as follows.

  • Wonderwear Make Up, a liquid foundation with a natural finish, fade-proof, long-lasting, and suitable for use even in humid weather conditions.
  • Wonderwear Eye-Posh Colour Quad in shade Oceanic to create an attractive eye look that blends perfectly. Packed with Collagen to maintain smooth skin around the eyes.
  • Delicate Lipstick in Pink, infused with Vitamin C to keep lips moisturized and nourished.


2. Cleopatra The Egyptian Goddess

Feeling boujee and queenly at the same time? Indulge in Cleopatra's persona for the day, the most famous Queen of Egypt in history who's known for her outstanding intelligence and irresistible charm. Complete your Cleopatra wig and accessories with the regal makeup style above. Here are our makeup recommendations for you.


3. Haunting & Mesmerizing Vampire Look

Resurrect your vampire dream look with this True Blood's Sophie-Anne and Rosalie Halle from Twilight makeup inspired! Try showing your 'dark side' through a vampire makeup look complete with smokey eyes and blood-red lips to get this perfect and seductive look. Create the look on top with the following ULTIMA II makeup.


4. Forest Fairy Princess

Want to look beautiful like a fairy on Halloween? Easy peasy! You could say that this makeup look has a moderate level of difficulty, or you don't need to spend a lot of time to make it happen. All you have to do is prepare a soft baby blue dress, then express your fairy personas using the ULTIMA II makeup kit below.

  • Clear White 2-Way Foundation Compact, a soft and smooth powder that provides high coverage for a natural and flawless finish. The perfect combination of Squalene and Vitamin E inside that soften, hydrate, moisturize, and protect the skin for a radiant and bright complexion.
  • Wonderwear Eye-Posh Colour Quad shade Oceanic, apply blue eyeshadow on the bottom part of your eyelids.
  • Delicate Lipstick shade Pink for lips to look glowing and attractive, you can also apply this lipstick on the eyelids for a blend of eyeshadow colors as above.
  • Delicate Matte Blush shade Pink for a sheer and soft blush color to highlight your eyes and lips.


5. The Great Gatsby Glam

Keep your eye & lip games strong with this ‘The Great Gatsby’ makeup inspired! It's time to radiate your charming aura through a luxurious makeup look with a modern touch.


6. Mermaid Aesthetic

Wanna be a fictional character for a day? Take on this stunning pink mermaid aesthetic look! You can make any kind of appearance on Halloween, including mermaids. In addition to preparing a sequin dress in your favorite color, finish your look with the following products from ULTIMA II.


So, from some of the makeup look recommendations above, which one will you try? Be sure to use a range of makeup products from ULTIMA II to create a stunning look on Halloween. All set and it's time for trick or treats!

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