Having glowing skin means that your skin functions optimally and is healthy as an organ, starting from cell turnover and collagen production, to maintaining the acid layer. But gradually the skin can indeed turn dull due to various factors, especially dehydration which often occurs when the weather is cold or highly exposed to air conditioning.


In addition, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive screen time, diet, environmental factors, build-up of dead skin cells, dryness, natural aging, active and passive smoking can all contribute. But the good news, this can be corrected by changing the following diet and lifestyle:


  1. Reduce consumption of sugary foods, alcohol, processed meats, and trans fats.
  2. Expand consumption of essential fatty acids, Omega 3, which is found in oily fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel) and nuts.
  3. Meet your daily protein needs.
  4. Consumption of Vitamin C from natural ingredients (peppers, kiwi, strawberries, green leafy vegetables) or additional supplements to maximize collagen production.
  5. Intake of Vitamin A can function to accelerate cell turnover, by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells – one of the main causes of dull skin. Look for foods that are orange or red in color, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, egg yolks and chayote.
  6. Add foods that are high in Zinc, such as pumpkin seeds, oysters, cashews, and almonds to support the role of vitamin A.


In addition, fullfil your body hydration by drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.


Last but not least, skincare regime also plays essential role in your whole radiant skin journey. We recommend to do the complete skincare regime from cleanser, toner, skin booster, essence, serum, eye care, moisturizer, and sun screen for morning. Just by adding this one step (booster) into your regime, it will help maximize the benefits of all your skincare products. Meet CollaSence Advanced Activator, an innovative skin booster that unleash your skin's true potential.


ultima II collasence advanced


Get to know these gorgeously formulated star ingredients infused within CollaSence Advanced Activator below:


  • CollaSence by ULTIMA II

Signature Collagen from ULTIMA II. A blend of the best three signature collagens enhanced with unique technology to nourish the skin and help slow down the signs of aging.


  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract RX (PFE-RX)

Provides extra hydration as well as maintains skin moisture and elasticity. Allows skin to get maximum benefit from all other skincare routines.


skincare regime


Use this skin booster every morning and night. Pour 4-5 drops on palms and gently pat on cleansed face and neck, you can use it after toner and before essence or serum. Apart from being a daily skincare, you can also put cotton on the targeted area, leave it for 10 minutes and remove it. Or as a mask to target the entire face area.


With CollaSence Advanced Activator, get your glow back and say goodbye to dull and tired skin! Grab yours at the nearest ULTIMA II counter or your favorite e-commerce.  

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