Every woman has skin concerns such as dry skin, oily skin that caused acnes, dark spots or premature aging. Unfortunately, we will get older and as we age, our natural collagen production will decrease. Therefore, some aging signs on the skin will appear in stages starting in the 20s.

At every age, there will be different skin concerns. In your 20s, protection against sun rays and pollution is very important. Your skin is at its best condition, so you need hydration and products to regenerate skin cells, thus, your skin will stay moisturized and glowing.

In your 30s, you experience dry skin, especially around the eye and neck area. Dark spots and premature aging signs such as fine lines around the eye and smiling line start to appear. You need skincare to hydrate your skin and to maintain your collagen quality, so you skin will remain soft, firm and supple.

In your 40s, you need anti aging skincare, to increase your collagen level and quality, so your skin will remain healthy, firm and radiant.

ULTIMA II as The Collagen Expert, introduces a skincare range for all ages. All these products contain collagen that is needed for each age group. Besides that, these skincare products also contain Ultima II’s Signature Collagen called “Procollagen Essence.”



CHR Series

This range consist of CHR Extraordinaire Cleansing Lotion, CHR Specialized Milky Toner, and CHR Firming Moisturizer. CHR Series is a skincare range that focus on cleansing the skin and keep it moisturized. One of the main ingredient is 100% Soluble Collagen, that can make skin firm and supple. It contains Multi Action Hydration to moisturize skin so skin will feel soft and hydrated.


For Your 30s: PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™  Series

Procollagen Extrema Series

This skincare range is for women that enters their 30s and have premature aging signs. The main ingredient is Ultima II’s Signature Collagen “Procollagen Essence” that helps moisturize the skin, strengthen skin’s support structure and make skin feels supple and firm. This range consist of PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ Face & Neck Complex, PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™  Eye Essence, PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™  Day Lotion SPF30 PA+++, and PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™  Night Cream.



Procollagen Supreme Caviar

This range is for women in their 40s, and have aging concerns such as sagging, deep wrinkles, and decrease of collagen. The three products in this range are PROCOLLAGEN SUPREME CAVIAR Face Cream, PROCOLLAGEN SUPREME CAVIAR Eye Serum, and PROCOLLAGEN SUPREME CAVIAR Face Essence. Enriched with the formula and technology from Caviar Complex, or known as “Black Gold”, as well as containing Sturgeon fish that is rich with 20 types of nutrition, that help to decrease aging signs.  



Procollagen Extrema Advance Activator

For best results, use Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator as a booster that can help make other products absorb better. You can use it in 3 ways, as a pre-serum by tapping it gently on the face, as a spray by putting it in a spray bottle to freshen up, or as a mask by applying it on a mask sheet and leave it on the face less than 5 minutes. This product can be used by all ages and can optimize other skincare.

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