As an urban woman with a solid routine, you should keep your skin strength from the inside. Eating vegetables and other healthy foods is helping the metabolism of the skin to be better, but whether the pattern of healthy living is enough? Your skin needs nutrients from the outside that help give the skin a healthier, smoother, and supple look. Here are three mainstay products that can be a best friend for your skin! Do not get the wrong choice!

1. Collagen Hydrating Resource Milky Toner
Oh, this is holy grail toner! This facial cleanser as well as toner works to lift the rest of the makeup and dirt on the face. With 100% Soluble Collagen and Multi Action Hydrator, this product retains skin elasticity while softening your facial skin. How to use: Pat using a cotton swab to the whole area of the face and neck smoothly. Avoid using around the eye area.

2. Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator
If your body needs anti-oxidants, your skin needs it too. Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator contains Ultima II Signature Collagen, Procollagen Essence. In addition to helping minimize the signs of aging on the skin, this product also contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E that keep moisture and elasticity for your skin. How to use: Pour 4-5 drops on the palm of your hand, apply on the entire face including the neck with a light pat. It can also be used as a mask for dehydrated facial areas for 5 minutes.

3.Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face and Neck
Last but not least, make sure you do not skip this stage. Moisturizer that contains ULTIMA II Signature Collagen "Procollagen Essence" is working to help disguise signs of aging. In addition, your skin will be hydrated and moisture awake. How to use: Apply evenly to the entire area of the face and neck. Give a little massage to help absorption into the skin. Avoid using in the area around the eyes. For more optimum results, use after application of ULTIMA II Procollagen Extrema Day Lotion in the morning and Night Cream at night.

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