The euphoric atmosphere of New Years celebration tend to induce a sense of boldness for some individuals to rehaul their habits. If you are one of those that would like to take steps forward to a healthier habits, why not jot down some short list to start?

Some habits can induced some physical changes but some which are really worth it can lead to a better transformation from within!

  • How ‘bout saying “Hi!”

This year, you may try to loosen those smiling muscles and be a friendlier person then before. Rather than walking straight minding your own thoughts, why not open up your eyes and be more aware of your surroundings. Say “Hi!” to strangers like that guy cleaning in the background or sincerely saying “Thanks!” to your taxi driver. Throwing a smile or two may make somebody’s day. Just watch how the positive energy unfurl and make over your soul!

  • Literally upgrading your tech skills

In this day and age where nerds and geeks rule the world, a bit upgrade won’t hurt. How about brushing up that coding skills by joining up a bootcamp or joining a short course? Adding some fun designs and video on your work presentation may benefit along with some photography course on the side. Better yet, you may find a friend or a soulmate on those classes!

  • Being independent

Time to get out of your comfort zone. Learn to drive or take some solo travelling. (Who says women can only travel in packs?) An independent woman can lead her life rather than just being a follower. This way, is believed to be one step towards a more fulfilled and happy life.

  • Be assertive, not passive agressive

Whenever you feel the need to pout or try to supress your emotions to later lash out or be manipulative to get what you want, put a mental check on yourself. Women are not from Venus, so no need to speak in some alien languages (read : codes). Be direct but polite, while keeping others perspective in mind. You’ll get more respect that way. If you always maintain an air of courtesy and class, with politeness and great manners, you do not need worry by coming across as aggresive.

  • Release and center

Stop worrying on small things and holding grudges. Classy are never petty, and release forgiveness and try the subtle art of letting go. You’ll get out as a more centered person each day.

  • Undefeated beauty

There’s is no such thing as inner beauty without the self care. Being happy and taking care of your self mentally and physically can be achieve by feeding your soul, your body and your skin with good nutrition.

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