Thinking of a suitable Valentine's gift for loved ones, it's tricky. Especially if in the short remaining time, you haven't had time to prepare anything! However, don't worry. The following gifts will surely warm their hearts. You can thank us later, ladies!


1. For Dad

key chain For Dad


A new car key chain or wallet is a great gift option for Dad. The key to choosing a gift for Dad lies in function. Generally, they are not too concerned with the brand but make sure the goods are of good quality and durable. They will be overjoyed and wear your gift everywhere for a long time—won't even replace it until it's completely worn out!


2. For Mother

ULTIMA II Extraordinaire Supreme Advanced for mother


Trust me your mother will love whatever gift you give her. But bringing her favorite foods and thoughtful gifts like anti-aging skincare is sure to blow your mind. It's nothing new if a mother is almost always busy thinking about her family but often forgets about her needs. Give her a series of treatment serums that will make her skin feel like it's being reborn. ULTIMA II Extraordinaire Supreme Advanced Lifterale Daily Eye Regeneration Serum, Extraordinaire Supreme Advanced Lifterale Daily Skin Regeneration Serum, and Extraordinaire Supreme Precious Collagen Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment are the perfect combination of gifts that you can give her.


3. For Best Friends

The Nakeds series from ULTIMA II for best friends


The presence of friends in life is like a 'family' that we choose for ourselves. You can feel comfortable sharing any story and his presence makes life more cheerful. For this special friend, you may want to give something beautiful and useful to use every day, for example, The Nakeds series from ULTIMA II, a skin-like makeup essential that celebrates natural beauty and is infused with skincare formulas to protect the skin. Consists of The Nakeds Absolutely Flawless Face Mist, Stick Concealer, Face Powder, and Eyebrow Perfector.


4. For Lover

gift for lover via Pinterest


For a partner, you know what object he coveted. But if you run out of ideas and your partner answers 'whatever' when asked, maybe you can choose a 'safe' and useful gift, such as a medium-sized cross-body bag that can be used to store their things. Hats, socks, or sunglasses are also an alternative.


5. For Sister


5. Gifts For Sister


It doesn't matter how often you fight with your sister, your relationship will only grow stronger afterward. Nothing can break the bond of sisterhood! Since childhood, you have shared everything, including clothes or makeup. Instead of fighting for each other's clothes, why not gift her something similar to yours? Playing twins will be very exciting!


6. For Brother


gift for brother via Pinterest


Sometimes it's really hard to guess your brother's tastes and preferences. But believe me, no one will refuse a free package to subscribe to a viewing or streaming music platform, or maybe a new 'skin' for the character in the game. We are sure he will be jumping for joy with the gift.


7. For the Little One

Son and mother in the amusement park.


You can just give anything to your beloved little one. Your children or nephews and nieces might like dolls, building blocks, story books, or clothes. But nothing will beat their happiness when you provide quality time. Invite them to make fun plans like going to the amusement park, zoo, or giant aquarium. Don't forget to stop by to eat at their favorite restaurant afterward. Make sure the moments of togetherness are not forgotten for your little one.

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