Although people awareness of mental health has increased in recent years, it turns out that this problem is still experienced by many people. In fact, many mental health problems has started at a young age. An article accessed from the official WHO website mentions that depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders are one of the main causes of illness and problems among adolescents. Even more surprising, suicide was pointed out as the fourth leading cause of death in people between the ages of 15-29 years.

Talking about the causes of mental disorders, of course, cannot be generalized. Each individual has a different situation and needs to be dug deeper to find out. However, what we can do is as much as possible to create a positive situation for ourselves to keep the mental state stable through the following steps.


1. Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself


Small challenges can actually have a positive impact on mental health. Reporting from MindBodyGreen, a psychiatrist named Samantha Boardman, M.D., says that setting challenges or daily goals will help you build resilience and mental strength. Research shows that the more experience a person has in facing challenges from themselves, the more prepared they will be to face problems in the future that feel more risky. These daily challenges can also increase self-confidence and motivate us to overcome difficulties.


2. Regular Exercise


Regular Exercise

A new study published this year found that sitting too long can be harmful to mental health. Therefore, it is recommended that you exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes and intersperse your activities by standing longer. It is good for those who improve stress levels, mood, and overall health.


3. Try The “Mediterranean” Menu



Try The Mediterranean Menu


The connection between digestion and the brain is real, and researchers are now convinced that certain foods can improve mental health. In her article published in MindBodyGreen this summer, holistic psychiatrist Nicole Lippman-Barile, Ph.D., recommends eating a Mediterranean-style diet. Such as green leafy vegetables, olive oil, berries, and seafood. They are healthy because they contains a rich mix of brain-supporting vitamins and healthy fatty acids.


4. Reflecting on Achievements

Reflecting on Achievements


Reflecting on the achievements that have been achieved can make us mentally more resistant to stress in the future. One study found that people who were able to reflect on positive memories about their accomplishments were able to cope better with obstacles that came their way.


5. Talk to Friends

Talk to Friends


Talking to a close friend will elevate a person's mood—especially women. One study found that chatting with a friend seemed to actually lower a woman's cortisol (stress hormone) levels during difficult times.


6. Take A Walk in Nature

Take A Walk in Nature

A study conducted in Germany found that the more trees lined the environment, the better the mood of the people around it. That's why you need to spend more time in nature—or at least in the green spaces in your environment.



Source: Mind Body Green

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