Spending special time with your loved one is always a time well spent. Either if it is a first date or anniversary celebration, there’s an appeal to look the most beautiful in front of your partner. Make your date even more special with this enchanting look. Keep his eyes only for you during your special date, by following these 5 steps:

Step  1: Special Dress

Don’t let him wait too long at your date night only because you have difficulty in deciding which dress to wear. Wear a dress that suit your character. You don’t need to wear a sexy dress if you’re not feeling like it or not comfortable enough. If you feel more confident wearing your favorite long pants, then rock it! Dare to look elegant without losing your character.

Step 2: Pretty Nail Art

While dating, he will surely hold your hand all night --- or even-put a ring on your finger! You can do special preparation to look dazzling even to the tips of your fingers. Beautify your nails with nail art or french manicure.

Step 3: Simple Hair do

You can have a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. But that doesn’t mean your hair has to look like a vintage doll. Wash your hair at least one night before the date (or in the morning). Don’t wear your dirty hair in front of him. You can also style it using a styling iron. Choose a simple hairstyle so you look more fresh and natural.

Step 4: A Little Present

As a woman, don’t always expect a present from him. Show your attention by preparing a small gift for him. For example a new album from his favourite musician or superhero action figure that he likes. This way he won’t forget the special times with you.

Step 5: Healthy Moisturize Skin

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