Many people refuse healthy snacks because they taste bad. But on the other hand, you also don't want a delicious snack that is enjoyed for a moment to create new problems such as acne or weight gain. Luckily, we understand your need to curate some healthy snack alternatives with a 'comfortable' taste for your taste buds and appetite! Here are 10 healthy, delicious, and quick snack ideas you can make yourself at home or office!


1. Chocolate, banana, and almond smoothie


chocolate banana and almonds smoothie

Combine 1 frozen banana, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 2 tablespoons almond butter (you can substitute regular peanut butter), 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1 tablespoon honey. Blend until smooth and frothy. Make it a snack or even a breakfast alternative.


2. Dates and peanut butter

dates and peanute butter

Prepare some Medjool dates (can be substituted with other types of dates) and remove the seeds. Spread with peanut butter and sprinkle with pistachio, granola, or chia seeds.


3. Mixed peanuts

mixed peanuts


Baked nuts are the ideal nutritious snack, providing the perfect balance of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Besides being delicious, nuts have many health benefits and are very filling. Studies also show that despite their higher calorie and fat content, eating nuts in moderation can help you lose weight. You can combine walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, macadamia, cashews, and pistachios. But keep an eye on the portion you consume. You can eat 1 ounce or cup of these nuts.


4. Greek yogurt and mixed berries

greek yogurt and mixed berries 

Greek yogurt is high in protein, and berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants. Add a mix of different colored berries to a cup of yogurt for a variety of nutrients and a fresh blend of sweet and sour flavors.


5. Apple slices with peanut butter


apple slices with peanut butter

In terms of nutrition and taste, this combination is very good. On the one hand, apples are fiber-rich fruit. While peanuts provide healthy fats, plant-based protein, and fiber — almost all of the filling nutrients you need are in this snack. By combining apples with peanut butter, you will enjoy a crunchy and creamy snack. For maximum delicacy, you can add a sprinkling of cinnamon powder. Also, make sure the peanut butter you buy has no added sugar—or very little added sugar (you'll need to compare brands before buying).


6. Dark chocolate and almonds

dark chocolate and almonds

Dark chocolate and almonds are an amazing combination. The rich chocolate flavor combined with the crunchy nuts provides both delicacy and health benefits. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and almonds are a source of healthy fats. As a result, you can enjoy a snack that is both satisfying and good for the heart.


7. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella

cherry tomatoes with mozzarella

Savory snack lovers must try it! Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are a delicious way to enjoy vegetables. Combine tomatoes with mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil for a snack with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.


8. Boiled eggs


Besides being rich in protein, eggs are also friendly for those of you who are on a healthy diet eating plan. Eating eggs 3-4 times a week is also beneficial for reducing arterial stiffness, a risk factor for heart disease. Egg yolks are also rich in nutrients such as vitamin D.


9. Baby carrots with blue cheese sauce

baby carrots with blue cheese sauce

Baby carrots and blue cheese sauce are other options for those of you who like savory snacks. This combination can keep you full longer because the fat increases the absorption of carrot's fat-soluble micronutrients, such as carotenoids. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of baby carrots with 2 tablespoons (30 grams) of blue cheese sauce serves as a light snack containing about 180 calories.


10. Cheese with chips or fruit

cheese with chips

Another alternative for cheese lovers. Pair it with chips or whole-grain crackers with your favorite cheese; mozzarella, ricotta, or feta. In addition, you can also replace chips and biscuits with pieces of your favorite fruit to increase fiber intake in the body.




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