The art of eyebrow shaping has seen various changes over decades. Remember how thin curved line was all the hype? However, one thing remains the same : you can't underestimate the power of eyebrows! Forget to shape them or treat them wrongly, and it can alter as much as our confidence. Truth is, women from different culture have different ideas about the best brow shapes. Nowadays we have two most popular brow trends : the angular Western styles and its starkly contrasting contender, the natural Asian styles. Know the difference and find out which style suit you best :

Western (American) Brows

  • Dark in color, can be much darker than hair
  • Ombre : brighter around the start and gradually filled into darker end tail.
  • Significantly angular arches
  • Solid, defined shape

Hollywood stars and western supermodels such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Connely, and Margot Robbie are the icons behind this brow trend. The overall notable attribute of this style includes higher arches that complement the contour of the eyes.

Asian Brows

  • Similar brow and hair color, sometimes can be a little lighter than the hair color
  • Colors are applied evenly and smoothly to create natural appearance
  • Relatively straighter bow shape than Western’s angular arch signature
  • Softer brow lines

This Asian brow style is heavily influenced by South Korean makeup trend that highly values natural beauty. Them who choose Asian style prefers to fill their brows with color that doesn’t differ much from their hair color. The straight shape becomes Asians’ favorite since it gives off naturally innocent look.

How about you?

So far, many ladies are often acquainted with both style trends and are free to choose the style according to the events and vibe they are trying to achieve. For formal events that require full-coverage makeup, Western brows happens to be the go-to style to create more extravagant change to our usual look!

Finding out the best brow shape is ultimately a personal experience that gets better with more trial-and-errors. It’s always better not to focus on any trend, but rather try whether a style complements your facial features and exude your inner self or not. Achieve the soft Asian brows with ULTIMA II SOFT KOHL that instantly fills your crease with easy-to-blend natural dark shades. As for you who love calmer Western brows, start with ULTIMA II SOFT KOHL  to fix your brow shape and fill with ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR EYE POSH BROW FILLER which is perfect for creating ombre shades, thanks to its sponge applicator.  

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