Highlighter is one of the makeup you need to own right now to create that perfect, glowing, overall makeup look. Whatever your skin tone is, highlighter can instantly fades out any skin imperfections by highlighting your best feature, making it one of the must-have makeup in your beauty pouch!

To achieve the natural luminosity look, Delicate Facelight from ULTIMA II might just be the perfect answer. This fine highlighter that comes in a practical compact is perfect for every skin tone and effectively helps to highlight the best feature on your face and creates a natural, glowing finish. Not only that, the moisturizing agents that infused within the highlighter is able to maintain your skin’s moisture, preventing it from looking cakey and avoiding your skin from getting acne. How great is that!


Tips on How to Apply Highlighter Flawlessly

The only thing that prevents people to use highlighter is that they don’t know where to apply, and how to apply it. That’s why we’re here to share you some easy steps on how to use a highlighter, including several alternative application areas.



Apply the highlighter using a fan-shaped brush first on two main areas, namely the cheekbones and nose bone (from top to bottom). Then you can start playing on several other areas of the face with a smaller brush, such as:

  • Under the brow bone (the part that protrudes when touched)
  • The inner corner of the eyes
  • The tip of the nose
  • The cupid’s bow
  • The tip of the chin

    If you find that there is an area where the shine feels excessive, press lightly with your finger to help reduce the shine a little.

    It’s not recommended to use a highlighter all over your face as it will only make your face look very oily. Better to use it as needed in strategic and impactful areas as in the list above. Liven up your face with ULTIMA II Delicate Facelight and get ready to glow your day!

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