Glowing make up look were all the rage last year. And the trend is predicted to get more prominent in 2018. But a glowing finish cannot only be achieved by make up. It essentially needs a good skin as a base. Dull and damaged skin needs a lot of corrective make up, resulting in a look that isn’t as flawless compared to a smooth skin as a base. That is why we have to put our skin’s health as number one priority. Meticulous treatment is needed to prevent aging, dull and damaged skin.

Let’s see how aging happens in our skin layers. Our skin has many layers which made up from stratum corneum (the most outer layer), epidermis (protective layer), basal cell layer (epidermis base layer), dermis (the skin) and subcutaneous layer (most basic layer of the skin). Even layered, but the onslaught of UV rays, free radicals, bad nutrition, dehydration, and other internal factors like stress and hormones can take a toll on the skin. Even if you don’t  consider yourself old yet, but fine lines, wrinkles and skin started to sag.

Don’t fret on the best collagen products to help these minor setbacks on your beauty. It’s time to put your decision on the latest from ULTIMA II,  Procollagen Supreme Caviar. To further confirm the status as the collagen expert, ULTIMA II combine the powerful   hydrolized collagen, soluble collagen and  succinoyl atelocollagen. The three types of  collagen are processed with the current technology so the molecule can smaller than usual so it can penetrate effectively to the skin dermal layers. Making the skin smoother, properly moisturized, tight and closing up thir pores.

Enjoy your youth while you can longer. Apply Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Essence, Face Cream and Eye Serum every morning and night and watch the hands of time actually dialed back as you welcome your glowing skin!

ULTIMA II | The Ageless Expert Founded in New York