Nude colors do give a calm impression, but with the right details, nudes makeup can create a perfect  glamorous look for your wedding day. The key to soft glam makeup is to blend colors, contours, and shadows on the skin without forming too harsh or sharp corners. For your special day, ULTIMA II got you covered with the Wonderwear makeup series, check out these tips!


1. Face Makeup

face makeup wedding

We understand that bridal makeup has always seemed 'heavy' compared to makeup at other times. But if you want to choose a soft glam theme for this special day, then don't hesitate to look flawless in a soft and 'modern' look.

After skincare and primer, apply the ULTIMA II Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Make Up foundation thinly but evenly. Liquid foundation from the ULTIMA II Wonderwear series contains Dimethicone and Sodium Hyaluronate to produce a smooth and flawless finish all day long.

Dab concealer in the eye area and follow up with Wonderwear Pressed Powder which lasts up to 18 hours. Able to neutralize excessive shine on the skin caused by excessive sebum. The skin looks fresh and matte.

Reporting from, to create soft glam makeup you are advised to use a contour two levels deeper than your natural skin tone to still give dimension and depth to the face. The tip: contour with a smile so you can see the highest part of your cheeks. We recommend ULTIMA II Wonderwear Glam Sculpting Makeup which consists of two shades that are easy to blend with a smooth finish. The Collagen formula inside helps to nourish and moisturize the skin, so the skin feels smooth and well-groomed. Suitable for various skin tones.

Then give the final touch on the face with blush. Our recommendation is Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek in shade Queen in Pink. You can also explore by mixing it with other shades like She Turns Heads, Power Up Chic, or Not A Plain Jane. Blends perfectly on the cheeks for a natural matte finish.


2. Eye and Lip Makeup

For your lids, neutral nudes are the key to bringing out a true soft glam look. If you want to appear more playful, you can use a pinkish shade of shadow—but don't go beyond that if you still want to give a soft impression on the whole makeup.


eye and lip make up wedding day

You don't always need heavy brow and eye makeup as well. Instead, you can try the makeup look above. Apply Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler and Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner efficiently for a natural look. For the lip, a bright nude color is suitable to complete your soft glam pink look. Combine the shade She Turns Heads with The Divine Feminine from Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek. We recommend taking  a color derivative that is similar to the natural color of your lips or tongue.


lip make up wedding

However, what if you want a soft glam look with a bit of bolder touch? Although it may seem a bit 'deviated' from the soft glam theme, it's okay to use bold colors to make it look more stand out, because you are the star in your wedding. Just try applying ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Colour Quad shade Classic on 3/4 part of your eyelids to create a sharp and unique impression. This ultra pigmented and high-intensity eyeshadow palette also infused with  Collagen to make the skin around the eyes stay smooth and the color doesn't fade easily. Complete it with Wonderwear Liquid Lip Posh Fix in shade Radiant, and see how you look perfect and stylish on your wedding day.



Partial source: Vogue India

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