Sunny days are indeed ideal for activities on vacation. But holidays can bring the famous unpleasant 'gift'— skin discoloration. Certainly quite bothering your whole appearance, isn’t it? Unfortunately, restoring tanned skin isn’t as easy as getting it. It takes time and special attention to restore it to your natural skin color. So, here we got 3 easy steps for you to get your natural complexion back.

Extra Protection from UV Rays

Tan is actually your body's attempt to protect itself from damaging UV rays. Your skin releases a skin pigment called melanin to help absorb UV radiation. The more exposure to UV light you receive, the more melanin your body expels, and the darker your skin gets. Therefore it's essential to protect the skin with SPF so it doesn’t get darker. For the face, you’re gonna love Clear White Supreme Day Lotion. This mild moisturizer doesn’t feel sticky and provides protection from UVA and UVB rays. It contains formulas, SEPICALM ™ and SEPIWHITE ™ MSH which effectively brighten and even the skin tone. Moreover, the antioxidants nourish and revitalize your face.

Mild Exfoliation

Do a mild exfoliation. Try a very gentle scrub like CHR Essential Refreshing Scrub to clean it from dirt, paired with Multi-Action Hydrator to moisturize completely for a smooth, fresh, and glowing skin. However, avoid exfoliating your freshly-sunburn skin. Wait until it’s completely normal that marked by loss of pain. Then you can start to exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

Brightening Moisturizer

Make sure to keep your skin hydrated to prevent new problems. Not only during the day, but your skin also needs to be pampered at night. Apply Clear White Supreme Enhancing Night Cream as your last skincare before going to bed. Give a massage to helps it absorb and avoid around the eyes area. For more optimal results, use it after ULTIMA II CLEAR WHITE SUPREME ™ Whitening & Anti-Aging Face Essence that contains anti-oxidants to nourish and revitalize skin.

Perfecting your regular treatments, don’t forget to apply the CHR Essentials Refreshing Mask. A smooth gel mask combined with Dual Superior Hydration Energy, Soluble Collagen and Powersource Antioxidant Nutrients fully moisturizes the skin, making it soft and smooth with radiant effect.

There’s no instant cure to restore sun tanned skin. By using the best skincare range from ULTIMA II consistently, you’re already on the way to healthy and evenly bright skin!

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