Do not know means do not love. Ever heard of that term, right? Yes, that's right. A sense of knowing something is not always related to the other person. We can do this with ourselves, including recognizing the condition of our skin today. Many women who want to have healthy facial skin and free from problems. In fact, there are skin problems that come up and one of them is dry skin.

Usually, a sign that the skin is experiencing dryness can be seen from the surface of the facial skin that feels rough, flaking, cracked and even itchy.

Dry skin occurs due to lack of fluid in the outer layer of the skin. Other triggers can also be due to the effects of direct sun exposure on the face or too long in an air-conditioned room. The pattern of food consumed also affects skin conditions, you know.

So, how do you deal with dry facial skin properly?

To overcome this problem, it is not enough just to use moisturizers. You need additional treatments that can restore natural water levels to your skin. You can try out the range of ULTIMA II Procollagen Extrema, which is daily skin care with a collagen signature content that keeps the skin moist at all times.

1.    Procollagen Extrema Advance Activator

This booster helps disguise signs of aging on the skin. Also, the Advance Activator helps optimize the benefits of the products used afterward. The booster contains antioxidant vitamin E and moisturizing formula to keep skin soft, firm and supple.

2.    Procollagen Extrema Complex Day Lotion SPF 30 / PA +++

This lotion moisturizer contains the ULTIMA II signature collagen "Procollagen Essence," which provides hydration to the skin. The SPF 30 / PA +++ also protects the skin from the effects of UV light so that the facial skin is minimized from black spots.

3.    Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face and Neck

This morning and evening moisturizer can be used after Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator. Because of the collagen ingredient in it, this product naturally gives skin elasticity and mineral to the skin.

4.    Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence

The eye area also requires special attention. Don't get past it. Apply Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence evenly to the eye area and give a gentle massage. This product works to nourish, moisturize, and minimize fine lines on the skin of the area around the eyes.

5.    Procollagen Extrema Night Cream

Night moisturizer is used before you sleep. In addition to maintaining skin moisture, Procollagen Extrema Night Cream provides hydration for the skin throughout the night.

By using Procollagen Extrema series regularly, the skin becomes more moist, supple and healthy. Say bye-bye to dry skin, ladies!

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