Overcoming acne prone skin is indeed very tricky. In the use of skincare products, a suitable ingredient with our skin condition is needed especially for specific ingredients such as AHA, BHA, witch hazel, and others. You can do these 4 easy steps to minimize acne breakouts!

1. Consume Celery Juice

Recently, the news about the benefit of celery juice toward skin health in social media became a hot topic among beauty enthusiasts. People believe celery juice can restore skin condition to a much better form. The antioxidant in celery provides good benefits for the skin such as protecting the skin, counteracting free radicals, minimizing pimples and protecting the outer layer of skin from pollution and air impurities.

2. Less stress!

Fast pace activity and countless deadlines are few factors that may stress you out. Don't let your mind overwhelm you. Unconsiously, the effects of excessive stress have a bad impact toward your skin condition. The skin becomes dull, a break out, and of course trigger the signs of premature aging. Definitely a big no, Ladies! Always be happy in every condition is a must!

3. Exfoliate 2 times a week

Exfoliating is important for all skin types because it can removes dead skin cells and provide a smooth skin texture. If you have pimples, gives a gentle massage, thus the facial skin will feel more relaxed and not easily irritated. You can use ULTIMA II Vital Radiance Foaming Exfoliator with BHA (Beta Hydroxyl Acid), anti-oxidants, vitamins (A, C, E), and nutrients from seaweed, as facial scrubs to help you exfoliates dead skin cells so your skin will look brighter and healthier.

4. Skincare is a must

How to get rid of acne requires commitment and patience. By using the right skincare, your skin will get better. ULTIMA II CHR Essentials helps you to minimize your acne inflamation and keeps hydrating your facial skin. Consist of cleansing gel, purifying toner, moisturizer, and rescue stick, CHR Essentials helps to revitalize your facial skin. The combination of acne fighters and dual hydration agents on all products helps you to prevent and to cure your skin problem such as blackheads, pimples, or reddened skin due to inflammation caused by imbalanced lifestyle and exposure to external conditions.

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