Collagen is an important protein that can be found throughout our body, and most often found in our skin. If your skin lacks collagen, then various skin concerns will appear. Find out the two main benefits of collagen for your skin here :

Increase your skin elasticity

When you just wake up, check your face. Does the skin of your face form any fine lines because of laying on the pillow all night? If yes, then that is a sign that your skin elasticity has begun to decrease. Collagen can help maintain your skin elasticity. If the collagen intake for your skin is met,  then the skin looks younger and fine lines will not appear as much even though you keep changing your facial expression. As we know, smile lines can also become fine lines as you get older. Collagen in your body can prevent this as it makes your skin elastic and firm longer.

Prevent Fine Lines

When collagen needs are not met, and added by sun exposure every day, your fine facial lines can appear more obvious and can be reinforced to become wrinkles, even though you are still young!

You can get collagen from various food types that contain protein such as marine fish (salmon and tuna), beef, chicken and others, so actually collagen is not so difficult to find. In addition to consuming these kinds of food, you also need to use products that contain collagen. ULTIMA II tries to combine research and cutting-edge technology to treat skin aging through the PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ range of products. The important fact is, not all products contains collagen that can penetrate into the dermal layer of the skin. In contrast, the collagen ingredients from our Procollagen Essence can penetrate to the deepest dermal skin layer because it has a small enough molecular size that can rejuvenate and restore skin vitality.

Use  PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ COMPLEX FOR FACE AND NECK every day after cleansing the face. This serum is efficacious to reduce the problem of enlarged pores and the appearance of wrinkles, so skin will look more smooth, fresh and young. Continue the treatment using PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ DAY LOTION SPF 30 PA +++. The formula can moisturize, treat skin damage caused by free radicals, and help treat skin blemishes while its SPF will protect your face from UV exposure. For maximum results, use the whole range of ULTIMA II PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ skin care.


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