No woman would ever dream of getting awful acne breakouts before a special romantic event. Or dry and dull skin when you want to impress audiences in an important meeting. We all want to do our best to avoid those disasters!

It is understandable if you feel a bit anxious when your skin is troubled all of a sudden. External factors such as free radicals, wrong choices of cosmetic, and incorrect skincare routine, often become a cause of some skin concerns. Common skin concerns are dark spots from breakouts, large pores and early aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

To fix the skin problems, changing bad habits that can trigger the problems itself can be effective “first aid”:

  • Dark spots from breakout

Acne is the most common skin concern that can happen to anyone. Some people experience dark spots from breakout. You can minimize this by not touching acne with your hands because this can make it even worse.

  • Large Pores

Some people genetically have large pores. However, pores can appear larger because of habits that you do such as:  facial with comedo extraction (with unhygienic tools), if you have cystic acne (mostly happen to people with oily skin) , and not cleansing your makeup properly.

  • Dry Skin

This condition happens if not enough hydration (from the inside and outside), such as not drinking enough water and not using the right moisturizer or serum. Therefor, your skin will look dry, dull and not fresh.

  • Early Aging

Women want to look younger, longer. However, aging can show in a form of fine lines and wrinkles. Usually, wrinkles appear first at the smile lines and eyes.

If you have one or more of these skin concerns- it would be best if you start extra treatment for your skin. You can use ULTIMA II EXTRAORDINAIRE SUPREME PRECIOUS COLLAGEN that can help improve all your skin concerns as well as increase natural collagen production. This serum contains pure marine collagen that helps to give hydration and strengthen natural collagen in the skin. Enriched with Dynalift technology to firm skin, minimize pores and improve fine lines and wrinkles. With multi-peptides that also helps skin look smoother and younger. A healthy and smooth skin is an important factor for a woman’s beauty.

With all these benefits, EXTRAORDINAIRE SUPREME PRECIOUS COLLAGEN is the innovation from Ultima II the Collagen expert. With regular use every day for 4 weeks and continue with 2x a week usage, you can revitalize your skin. Minimize pores, and skin looks smooth, firm and supple.

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