Albeit the endless schedules of meetings and errands, at the end of the day, Elizabeth Yip, or as we like to call her, Eliz, will always spare her time for a relaxing, pampering, and essential skincare routine session. Just like what she always does for ULTIMA II, she always strive for the best skincare products and ingredients that works impressively well for the skin. Hence, we take pride in ULTIMA II Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum and ULTIMA II Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules because it has all the qualities that Eliz had yearned for. However, there is one major secret that she keeps from us, until now. A secret that could change your whole skincare game.



Hi Eliz, could you tell us a little bit about your skincare routine first?

Hi, dear! Well, I always ensure my skin is thoroughly cleansed by using CHR Cleansing Lotion and pamper myself with a light face massage, followed by CHR Essentials Purifying Toner and a step not to be missed always apply your toner! I get creative with Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum by applying it before my daily sheet mask sessions. I really love combining Pearls of Luminaire with Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules at night, its as if as my skin did a ‘self-facial’ overnight. Love it!


How interesting! How long have you been using Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum and Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules?

Wow, since its launch! Almost a year now for Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum and perhaps half a year for Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules.


Do you see any difference on your skin after using the serums?

Definitely brighter and I love the effortless glow. I even skip the highlighter step in my make up routine, because I no longer need it!


Thats incredible. What makes it so amazing, though?

One of the key ingredients within Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum, PolyMarine Saccharides promises to increase your innate skin collagen levels by +96% within 72 hours isnt that amazing? And this particular ingredients works so well with Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance CapsulesLUMI-TONE which proved to improve skin radiance by up to 74% and gave lightening effect on pigmentation by up to 54%.


Wow. I cant wait to try it myself! Okay, so we move on to the next question, the one that everyone has been waiting for. Whats the beauty secret that you can share to us about these two serums?

What I really love is how versatile Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum is, so I usually lather on 1 layer without rubbing it in and place my daily sheet mask over, the results are fantastic. Whereas for Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules, its like my instant skin rescue, somedays I just use both of them combined and the next day I'm ready to glow.


I never knew these serums can be combined in one routine! That is one beauty revelation. Is there anything else that we can add into our routine that can maximize the results?

Every 28 days interval, go for our Extraordinaire Supreme Precious Collagen Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment or ESPC, it helps to regulate and refine your skin. Basically it helps to correct all imperfections from enlarged pores to fine lines, what’s beautiful about Extraordinaire Supreme Precious Collagen is that it's suitable for all skin types. Another Miracle Elixir!




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