A viral TikTok video from XO Lizah inspired beauty enthusiasts to create makeup looks that accentuate natural shine and enhance natural facial features. This makeup will surely make you look ultra glowing. This year 2023, maybe it's time for you to join this ‘Clean Girl’ makeup trend. This is the time to use makeup products that are minimal but have a powerful impact on your face.


1. Prepare the Skin

ultima CHR Essentials Night Cream  ultima Hydra Botanic Total Hydrating Cream


First, prepping the skin is part of the CHR Essentials series for oily and acne-prone skin types, or the Hydra Botanic line for those of you with dry and sensitive skin types.


2. Primer to Create Glowing Skin

Ultima Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance


The use of primer as the base of the makeup is essential for this look. Apply Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance for a pearlized, lustrous finish to cover dull skin and disguise skin imperfections. This primer from ULTIMA II is enriched with Signature Collagen Complex which helps to nourish and reduce signs of aging and makes the skin look bright and naturally radiant.



3. Blending Makeup Smoothly

The Nakeds Stick Concealer  The Nakeds Face Powder


To produce clean makeup, you need to mix all the makeup properly. Make sure your makeup looks light and effortless. The Nakeds Stick Concealer from ULTIMA II can help you provide smooth coverage. Enriched with Centella Asiatica Extract and Seaweed Extract to nourish and moisturize the skin. A light and easy-to-apply formula with Diamond Powder as light reflecting properties to cover dark spots and signs of facial skin hyperpigmentation including in the area around under the eyes. Continue with the application of The Nakeds Face Powder which has a fine texture that is equipped with ULTIMA II's Signature Collagen Complex and Hyaluronic Acid to perfect your makeup so that your skin looks healthy, bright, and natural.



4. Natural Shine Blush

Delicate Shine Blush


There's nothing wrong with a matte blush, but now is the time to give your face a little glow. As long as it's not excessive, the shine on the face will give the skin a healthy impression. Apply ULTIMA II Delicate Shine Blush, a blush with a shimmery finish. Blend perfectly on your cheekbones to produce a natural glow on the cheeks. Do not apply too much blush, so that your face color looks natural.



5. Bushy Eyebrows

The Nakeds Eyebrow Perfector


If the symmetrical and sleek eyebrow shape was popular a few years ago, now is the time for you to wear a more natural eyebrow look. It's okay to have bushy, slightly messy eyebrows, as well as naturally thin eyebrows. By nature, eyebrows are hairy and sometimes asymmetrical. Focus on tidying up your brow hairs without changing their original shape too much. Perfect your eyes with ULTIMA II The Nakeds Eyebrow Perfector. A 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil consisting of an eyebrow pencil with a triangular tip, eyebrow mascara, and a spoolie to make it easy to get a natural eyebrow look.



6. Healthy Lip Color

Delicate Lipstick


For the lips, color them with ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick which is enriched with a moisturizing formula for soft and moist lips, available in 12 lipstick colors. Adjust the color of your choice according to your skin tone and lips, avoid colors that are too bold for this look. You can choose nude colors like the shade Apricot, Mauve, or Better than Chocolate. Apply to lips until blended.



7. Final Touches

The Nakeds Absolutely Flawless Face Mist


For a final touch of “The Clean Girl Makeup Look” which is healthy and shiny all day long, use ULTIMA II The Nakeds Absolutely Flawless Face Mist. Enriched with ULTIMA II's Signature CollaSence to provide extra hydration to the skin and a combination of three essential oils that protect the skin from damage caused by external factors for a healthy, radiant appearance. You can use it before (at the skin prep stage), after makeup to set makeup, and can be used throughout the day to freshen up your face. Meanwhile, for hair, a simple ponytail or bun will help accentuate your makeup.




Source: hypebae.com, Image: instagram.com/zendaya

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