Along with advances in science and technology, ways to treat skin and eliminate premature aging are increasingly diverse. Some choose the instant way— with the risk, while others going with the safer way— though it may take longer. Below, find 4 popular ways to remove premature aging signs.

1. Injection

Injections are one of the most preferred ways to quickly get rid the premature aging signs. Of course, it means you have to inject or put something into the skin layer. Divided into several models including dermal filler that provides effective and immediate results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It fills deep creases under the skin that's not only making lips and cheeks fuller but also create a fuller appearance of the skin.

Another one is muscle relaxers by injecting Botox that can temporarily paralyze muscle to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. But Botox doesn't help improve skin tone or texture.

Liquid facelifts, combining dermal fillers and muscle relaxers to maximize the treatment process. While fat-melting using an injection of Deoxycholic acid helps break down and absorb fat into the body. This method is used to remove loose fat under the chin.

2. Skin Treatment

Skin treatment focuses on efforts to remove dead skin cells to prevent dull skin, including chemical peeling. It destroys the top layer of skin through chemicals that have been specially formulated so to accelerate the replacement of new layers. Shortly after your skin may feel burning, but it will soon worth the effort for a smoother face line and more even skin color.

Microdermabrasion is another favored treatment. The trick is to 'rub' the face with a textured metal stick to scrape dead skin cells and cleanse them. The results will last a few weeks. This treatment prep the skin better to receive your skincare routines from cream, serum, toner, and other applications.

3. Laser Procedure

Laser resurfacing makes skin smoother and firmer by using light energy to penetrate the collagen layer, recover collagen and elastin, and eliminate hyperpigmentation. You're gonna see the results within only one week that can last for several months.

4. Daily Skincare Routine

One thing to be noted, any kind of treatment results are temporary. The best way to combat premature aging signs is to do skincare routinely and consistently with the right products. When it comes to removing premature aging, the product range of ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar is the expert.

Consisting of Procollagen Supreme Caviar Eye Serum, Face Cream, and Face Essence. The trio contains Signature Collagen from ULTIMA II, CollaSence, Caviar, and DNA that help renew skin cells, provide nutrition. Make the skin feel tight, smooth, and supple. Regularly using it will lead you to the best and long-lasting result.

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