Makeup alone won’t cause aging, as long as you cleanse properly and do your night skincare ritual consistently before going to bed. Because not washing your face properly at night will take a toll on your skin. Not only will it leave makeup, but also dirt and grease accumulated over the day—which is what really causes premature aging.

Always pay attention to your makeup product ingredients, using oil-based products that aren't right for your skin can clog pores and develop acne. Some other basic ingredients can also cause fine lines around the eyes, dry skin, irritation, peeling, skin discoloration, even decrease skin elasticity. All of these are signs of aging. In addition, applying makeup roughly and not washing makeup tools (brush and sponge) regularly can irritate your skin as well.

So, what steps need to be taken? Does that mean we can't use makeup anymore? Of course not! Makeup will always be a woman's best friend. Other than gently applying makeup and routinely washing makeup tools, you still need ways to keep your skin healthy while using makeup.

First, choose makeup products with high-quality ingredients and safe for your skin such as ULTIMA II makeup that contains nutritious ingredients like collagen. Then, make sure you clean your makeup thoroughly, especially before going to bed, use a cotton swab and face cleanser until there is no more makeup left on the surface of the cotton swab and wash your face with water and facial cleanser. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, don’t forget to take care of your skin with Procollagen Supreme Caviar skincare series.

ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar is a series of skincare with CollaSence—a unification of three signature collagen perfected with unique technology to nourish, stimulate natural collagen production, and protect the skin through cell regeneration. CollaSence is also able to restore the skin's balance and accelerate the formation of new collagen.

This pore-minimizing series is enriched with Caviar Complex (or commonly called Black Gold) that rich in minerals, amino acids, and peptides which are amazing for nourishing skin and regenerating skin cells. Even better, it enhanced with DNA Technology to maintain skin density and suppleness.

Packed with youth-restoring ingredients makes ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar a super effective and efficient series for poreless supple skin.

Start and end your day by consistently take care of your skin using Procollagen Supreme Caviar. Now you can stay beautiful and freely express yourself with makeup while having healthy and youthful skin!

ULTIMA II | The Ageless Expert Founded in New York