Have you just started using serum? If so, these are the best way to use serum for optimal results. Find out how.

  1. Clean face

    The most important point that you have to take note; no matter what kind of skin care product you’re going to use, always start with a clean face. Never use skin care before cleansing. Wash your face and use toner to prep your skin for the next step.

  2. A drop of serum

    After cleansing, drop around 2-3 drops of serum on your fingertip (make sure it is clean), apply evenly on your face. You don’t have to use too much product, as serum has a high level of concentrate. Using just a little bit on every regime can give enough benefit to your skin.

  3. If you have sensitive skin..

    Wait 10 to 15 minutes after cleansing before applying serum. When your face is in moisturized condition after cleansing, applying more water based product tends to cause irritation. Let your skin completely dry before penetrating serum into your skin.

  4. Use moisturizer

    If you’re used to using moisturizer or if you have a dry skin type, you can still apply moisturizer like how you’re used to, but make sure to tap the serum on face until fully absorbed when applied so it doesn’t block the absorption of moisturizer. But do adjust with your skin condition. Do this if you have a dry skin type, and skip the moisturizer if you have normal and oily skin type.

  5. Mix the serum

    As you know, serum is packaged in a small bottle because of its high level concentrate. But if you feel like it’s too much to use every day, use it as a skin booster for day and night. Mix a few drops of serum into your moisturizer and use it every day.

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