The combination of nature’s wonders and advanced technology created extraordinary benefits for your skin. Once again, ULTIMA II has created a breakthrough skincare product derived from the mystery of nature. Inspired by the natural formation of pearls, where a magical broth is created. The “Mother of Pearl” protects and coats external irritants sparking the creation of a flawless luminous pearl. With the same defense mechanism, Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum protects your skin from UV rays, pollution, and other harmful irritants to create radiant, luminous skin.

Perfect Blend of Luxurious Ingredients

The magical and nutritive concentrate formula encrypted in Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum featuring a plethora of nourishing ingredients such as:

  • Caviar Extract
    Offers a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid content, Caviar Extract contains amazing regenerative, nourishing, and moisture-retaining properties that help to slow down skin aging process. It smoothes aging skin’s appearance and fosters the reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles.
  • Marine Polysaccharides
    Coming from red and brown algae, carrageenans and alginates create a light film to moisturize and protect the skin. They allow the creation of this original galenic in the form of pearls in suspension.
  • Anti-Pollutant Matrix
    Pollutants accumulated over the years go through a normalization process by the Anti-Pollution matrix where skin is regenerated to bring back its lustrous glow and minimize the appearances of age spots.

The unification of luxurious ingredients above creates a self-defense mechanism in our skin to protect itself from free radicals and other pollutions, and at the same time correct the visible signs of aging. Even better, it stimulates collagen synthesis for smooth skin and helps regenerate dermal skin cells. These powerful formulas work synergistically to enhance your skin’s sparkling glow from the inside. The efficacy test proven that upon the application of product, skin is able to stimulate natural occurring collagen +72% in 96 hours.

Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum is one of the latest skincare breakthroughs from ULTIMA II this year. ULTIMA II brings the secret of radiant, luminous skin treatment to your door step. Simply apply Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum regularly on your face and neck that has been cleaned, morning and night before your moisturizer. Use one pump for each area on forehead, cheeks, and chin. Shop Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum from the comfort of your home through the official Home Delivery Service by contacts below:

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