First of all, nobody wants to get old – especially before the time even comes. But before you dwell too much on it, take some time to really understand the main causes of early aging. Then, reflect it to your daily habits. Have you avoided all these factors yet? If not, what’s the most frequent habit you did or experienced? With all those aside, you can properly avoid early aging process – especially to your skin, because that’s the first and most obvious way to see, especially eye areas. Aside to that, you can also choose a correct skin regime.

Mindset & Stress

As we all know, mindset plays a crucial role to determine your appearance. If your mind is full of hope, optimism, and happiness, it will reflect to your skin and you will definitely look younger. But on the contrary, if you are always on the edge, angry, and stressed, fine lines and wrinkles will surely find a way to show permanently on your skin. Not to say one bad day will give a full set of wrinkles on your face, but if you’re gloomy almost 50% of the time, then the frown will turn to deep winkles almost constantly.

Weather & Humidity

Damage caused by sun exposure are the main reason to your wrinkles and skin damage permanently. The longer you stay under the sun, the faster the process of aging develops. Same goes with cold weather, the effects is similar. Skin becomes stronger from the cold weather, but also becomes thinner and wrinkly. This also happens if you consume acne medicine for a long period. The natural sebum from your skin is eradicated and skin loses its elasticity.

Food intake

When your meals mostly consists of high sugar, fat, and processed foods, while fruits and vegetables are barely included, then you must start to be cautious. These types of food are very hard to digested by body organs and have a possibility to cause an inflammation. When body does not digest food maximally, nutrition intake will decrease. On the contrary, if you are having a balanced diet and consume healthy fresh foods, your skin will look so much tighter and younger.

Body Weight

Being too thin or too thick can fasten the process of aging. When you are underweight, the natural fat on your face structure will decrease, causing skin to look saggy and wrinkly. Simply put on a few kilograms will revive your skin to look softer and wrinkle free. Instead, if you are overweight, the inactive tendency will worsen the muscle and skin.

To avoid the process of early aging, you already know what to do. The answer is to simply change your lifestyle to be healthier and keep your mind on a positive set. If these habits are achieved, not only it will affects your skin, but it will also affect your body wellness. When it comes to skin care, let the experts take over. Known as The Collagen Expert, ULTIMA II provides a series of products Procollagen Extrema that consists of NEW Procollagen Extrema Day Lotion SPF 30/PA+++, NEW Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face & Neck, NEW Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence, NEW Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator, and Procollagen Extrema Night Cream. These products contains our Signature Collagen, hydorxyprosilane, dan marine elastin to maintain skin’s moisture and to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh all day long.

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