It seems that if we didn’t wear makeup, there is something missing. Are you one of those girl who also feels that? For daily makeup, it doesn't always have to be bold and striking. Only with the right base and foundation with a light texture, can give fresh and glowing-looking skin.

That can be obtained with the most basic step, you know. Yes, we are talking about base makeup or popularly called face primer. The Face primer is skincare & makeup in one package.

ULTIMA II has two face primer that become hero products with good price but also able to provide the best quality. Wrapped with an elegant touch of silver, Delicate Under Make Up (60mL) comes in a new package that is far more chic and minimalist at IDR 200,000. So affordable right!

Then what makes these two different?

Delicate Under Make Up Tint Aquafleur primer creates perfect facial complexion, ind addition to color corrector. The light texture is able to seep into the skin. The green color is easy to blend when applied to your skin so it won't leave any green residue. Delicate Under Make Up Tint Aquafleur is also able to disguise uneven skin tone even if your skin is easily red and black eye bags can be minimized. This makes your makeup look more glowing and fresh.

While, Delicate Under Make Up Natural makes your makeup look more natural and provides the hydration that the skin needs because it contains Lanolin Oil, which moisturizes to increase the absorption of foundation on facial skin.

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