It's interesting to see products that promise "get into the skin quickly" ingredients to help with your various skin concerns. After all, the deeper it sinks into your skin, the more effective it should be, right? However, does your skin actually absorb the product? In this way? Quoted from, Dr Marisa Garshick, board-certified dermatologist, busts this skincare myth. Here's the explanation!

Dr. Garshick revealed that the skin has many important functions, one of which is as a "barrier or protection for the body and prevents the entry of foreign substances or microbes".

Because it's designed to prevent something, not all skincare products will soak into it like a sponge. The process of a substance entering the skin is also not as easy as just smeared and then absorbed well. It takes a lot of testing, research, and development to make skincare that is able to seep into the skin layer (transdermal). Factors that affect the absorption ability of a skincare product include:

  1. Formulation and dosage. Skincare breaks down and interacts differently with skin based on its formula. Biologically, the outer layer of our skin is a phospholipid bilayer. Thus, oil-soluble (lipophilic) products and emulsions have easier penetration times than water-based products.
  2. Molecular size. In general, the larger the molecule, the harder it is to penetrate the skin barrier and be absorbed, whereas skincare with smaller molecules has the ability to penetrate deeper. However, that doesn't mean that skincare that doesn't sink in and stays on the outer layer doesn't have any benefits. Because, caring for and nourishing the skin's protective layer is also very important—even if the product isn't absorbed. In conclusion, so that a skincare product can seep into the skin, let alone reach the bloodstream, is a complex process.
  3. Skincare absorption point. The location of the skincare application also has an effect. The thinner skin will absorb easily than the thick skin.

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Source: InStyle

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