The liquid lipstick trend are not fading anytime now, for these hot item is a must have in every make up pouch. Won’t be a great mystery why so many people love this make up product as they have quite some winning qualities to fell in love to :

Covers perfectly

Among other lip products, the liquid lipstick are relatively superior in covering the countour of the lips. Making it the top choice of many. Even dark color lips can be covered with no problem.

Dramatic colors

Liquid lipstick color choices are more dramatic and bold. From soft nudes to edgy dark colors. Sharp color variations with super cover formula made them a wiining combination.

Lip Liner are not needed

The sharp wands on the liquid lipstcik packaging makes a more precise application, makes using a lipliner no longer needed.

Long lasting formula

Don’t let the wet formula fool you, when it sets , it sets and last a lovely long time.

Matte finish

All of those othe lip products claiming a matte finish, but the matte-ist of them all are still the liquid lipstick. For an guaranteed matte finish,make s a beeline for the liquid lipstick.

All those reason stilll don’t convince you to switch to liquid? Maybe these babies can, ULTIMA II LIQUID LIP-POSH FIX, the latest from ULTIMA II, ULTIMA II LIQUID LIP-POSH FIX  with collagen, vit and argan oil blows the competition out of the water with these amazing colors; Feminine, Everlasting, Addicted, Radiant, Lavish, Essential, Sizzling, and Splendid. 

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