The best way to get perfect makeup and even skin tone is to apply the foundation as naturally as possible. But how? Check out these 3 simple yet effective ways below to apply your favorite ULTIMA II foundation without looking cakey and heavy!

As Your Second Skin

Goals: The goal is to make the foundation a second layer of your skin that blends perfectly with your natural skin tone.

How To Do: Experiment by adding a drop of foundation to a face cream or mild face oil to create a color moisturizer with a second-skin finish. If you want to look even glowing, mix a pump foundation with a little highlighter or bronzer to produce sunkissed glow effect on your skin.

As A High Coverage Concealer

Goals: Look at your skin closely. Usually, redness, dark spots, or blemishes only appear on certain areas of your skin. Applying foundation with comprehensive coverage will solve your problem.

How To Do: Apply a little with the tips of your fingers to the areas that need coverage, you can also use a buffing brush or sponge. Align the edges for smooth results. This method is also a faster alternative for blurring larger areas of redness or hyperpigmentation on the face.

As A Perfect Makeup Base

Goals: Get a natural makeup look!

How To Do: Start from the preparation stage. During the facial cleansing step, gently massage your skin with the knuckles of your hand palm to 'wake up' the skin. Then protect it with serum, moisturizer, and fine-textured oil. Let each product absorb for one minute before applying the next and measure your skin condition with your backhand until it feels bouncy. After that, continue to apply foundation using a buffing brush, sponge, or fingers. Start from the middle of your face outward until it’s evenly distributed.

For best results, you’re gonna love ULTIMA II Wonderwear Series foundation. You can use Wonderwear Cream Makeup for optimal, long-last, high coverage foundation. It provides natural matte results, also contains nutrients (botanical extracts) and antioxidants (vitamin A and vitamin E) as well. For those who prefer a natural matte finish, Wonderwear Makeup is your foundation-to-go with a special formulation that doesn’t fade easily or smear into clothes either, yet still last all day long; a perfect companion for your daily activities. The next choice is Wonderwear Stay Last Makeup, a liquid foundation that gives you a matte finish and long-lasting makeup. Easy to apply and safe because it contains Dimethicone, a skin protectant that gives smoothness and flexibility for soft silky looks. Even better, it feels comfortable and light thanks to Sodium Hyaluronate which keeps the skin moisture, as well as Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Source: Good Housekeeping UK

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