The key to healthy and smooth skin is your consistency when treating it. If you can be disciplined, then acne-free skin can be obtained even with daily care at home.


#Step1 Cleansing

When? In the morning after waking up. Night after activity, before going to bed.

How? In the morning, you can wash your face with water and use CHR Essentials Purifying Cleansing Gel. Facial cleansers that can play an active role in combating acne with the content of Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark extract as an anti-bacterial agent can clean up the remaining oil that appears during your sleep. Whereas at night, double or triple cleansing before cleaning your face. For example with makeup remover and cleansing milk before washing your face with CHR Essentials Purifying Cleansing Gel. Facial skin conditions that are always kept clean will reduce the risk of acne.


# Step2 Refreshing

When? Morning and evening before bed, after cleaning your face.

How? In the condition of a clean face, apply CHR Essentials Purifying Toner evenly to all parts of the face and neck. Use clean, soft cotton as an applicator. The function of the toner is to balance the pH of the facial skin, remove dead skin cells, control the production of oil and sebum, disguise the pores of the face but still maintain water content on the skin of the face.


#Step3 Moisturize

When? In the morning, before you move outside the home.

How? Moisturizer and UV Protection play an essential role in the health of facial skin. Because whatever skin type, Moisture skin must be maintained so that the texture always looks young. Also, UV protection is needed to protect the skin from direct exposure to sunlight. CHR Essentials Intense Moisturizer UV Protection provides the protection required to avoid uneven skin tone. Besides, it can counteract the adverse effects of free radicals containing vitamins C and E in it which function as antioxidants.


#ExtraStep Relieves

When? Everytime you need it!

How? Pimples have appeared? Stop the inflammation so that it doesn't get worse with CHR Essentials Rescue Stick. This serum serves as the first aid to reduce inflammation of acne by drying and helps restore skin texture. Shake the serum before using it and apply it to the part of the face with pimples anytime and anywhere you need it. Also on top of your makeup layer.

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