The current pandemic condition is indeed alarming matter. It forces us to adapt to various new routines as well, including working from home. But instead of worrying about the uncontrollable things, let’s apply these effective ways to stay focused and looking gorgeous as usual while working from home. Rocking both the work and look from home? Of course, you can!

Set Productive Hours

Working from home has its own challenges, especially for those who are familiar with the rhythm of regular office hours. Don’t worry, you can still stay focus by setting your productive work hours. Maybe your conditions at home are not possible to work 9 to 5 in front of a laptop like in the office, but you can always set your own productive hours. For example, working from 10-16 with 2 x 30 minutes of break. Or even 9-17 schedule with 30 minutes break at every hour. Only you can determine the rhythm of your own work. Adjust the target with reality and focus on the hours that you have set.

Arrange Workplaces

Choose an area in the house that will be your workspace, such as your living room table. Before starting, don’t forget to prepare your laptop and its charger, materials, to do list, internet connection, if necessary - new stationary! This is very useful for anticipation so that you have no trouble finding the things you need when you’re focused on working.

Disciplined with A Schedule

Besides your work schedule, try to be disciplined with other schedule activities as well such as resting, praying, exercising, and others. Regular activities will keep your mind fresh and focused. Don’t delay your work hours either that will eventually lead you to 'overtime'. Stop at the time you set and let's just say ‘home time’ has arrived!

Stay at home doesn't mean you can’t look beautiful. To create a good work atmosphere, wear your usual work attire with thin makeup after a morning shower to improve positive mood.

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Stay gorgeous and healthy until it's time to work from the office again, ladies!

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