It’s not a surprise that many women are paying more attention to their skin’s wellness, especially face area. Not only that, many women are willing to spend steps after steps for a skincare regime, layers and layers of skincare to achieve the healthy and beautiful look. Because, the correct way of using skincare can only be seen after we get old. Pay attention to these few important steps of using skincare that you might miss but actually important, especially for dry skin type.

Step 1 : Clean face after a good night sleep. This step is very important to clean leftover dirt and sweat from last night’s sleep. To clean your face is the first and essential step to be done before even starting the day and moving on with the next skin care products.

Step 2 : Dry face with the correct technique. Do you know that the skin condition after face wash can lock hydration longer than usual? That’s why don’t rush to dry. Gently press a tissue or towel to clean, press 1-2 times to absorb water, after that let it be. It’s not necessary to dry completely. With moisturized face, apply the next skincare product.

Step 3 : Which comes first? If you’re using toner, apply it first, then continue with serum application. Wait 1-2 minutes to let the serum fully absorb into the skin because the ability to absorb is different for every people.

Step 4 : Follow with eye cream. Consistency of eye cream is heavier than serum, so apply it after serum is very important because serum can easily absorb into skin while eye cream takes a much longer time.

Step 5 : Moisturizer and sunscreen.  The next step is to apply moisturizer on face and neck. Let it be for 2-3 minutes until it fully absorbs. Because moisturizer tends to come with the heaviest formula, moisturizer is essential to be used last, because moisturizer locks in the moisture from previous skin care product all in together. Lastly, apply sunscreen to make sure skin is protected. If your moisturizer and sunscreen happens to be in one product, then you can save more skincare regime steps.

If you are using makeup, make sure to have a dry face before applying primer. Let it sit for 5 minutes until absorbs to have a perfect base before applying makeup.

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