For some brides-to-be, the presence of a bridesmaid is essential. Apart from being the closest person to the bride and groom, the bridesmaids are usually tasked with accompanying the bride and groom during the wedding preparation period. On the D-day, their makeup also needs to be considered. Because of course, the bride wants to have the best photos with her bridesmaids! The following are some simple and stunning makeup looks to help tackle your bridesmaid duty with ease.


1. Makeup That Reflects Joy

Makeup That Reflects Joy


If your bridesmaid uniform comes in a bright color, the makeup above might be your inspiration. Use the ULTIMA II makeup range to get makeup that represents joy and joy on the wedding day of your closest


Step 1: Define your natural eyebrow shape with Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler. This waterproof and smudgeproof eyebrow pencil is perfect for long duration events, especially weddings.


Step 2: Give a dramatic 3D lashes look with Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara. Even better, the formula is not sticky and waterproof.


Step 3: Wonderwear Eye-Posh Color Quad is a luxurious four (4 in 1) eyeshadow palette option with a creamy texture. The classic color look is suitable for any makeup theme and the color combination is easy to grade.


Step 4: Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner can make eye makeup look more 'alive' by creating the perfect point eyeliner.


Step 5: Use Procollagen Lipstick with bright colors like Glam Berry, Ruby, and Red.



2. Makeup That Shows Sincerity


Makeup That Shows Sincerity


Timeless makeup, such as the no makeup makeup look, is perfect for weddings. Remembering the photos will be remembered for years to come. You can use the following tips to get that look:


Step 1: Use Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections as a primer to disguise the appearance of pores, uneven texture, and fine lines, and make your makeup last all day.


Step 2: Feel stunningly smooth facial skin with Procollagen 2 Way Foundation which provides perfect coverage with a light texture. Contains ULTIMA II CollaSence and is easy to use to fix makeup.


Step 3: Bushy eyebrows can be an interesting option to apply to a natural makeup theme. Simply comb the eyebrow hair in a circular motion so that the hair looks thick and each strand is visible while evenly distributing Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler. Add a little powder on the eyebrows. Take a little bar of soap using an eyebrow comb, then apply it to the eyebrows while styling the eyebrow hair to make it look "bushy".


Step 4: Brighten the face with a gentle brush of Delicate Matte Blush and produces a natural matte finish.


Step 5: Apply Procollagen Lipstick in Nude or Sienna colors (adjust to your skin tone) so that your lips look naturally beautiful without looking tacky.



3. Makeup That Makes You Shine


Makeup That Makes You Shine


For those of you who have brown skin tones, don't hesitate to experiment with whatever makeup theme you


Step 1: Use Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance to make your skin look healthy and your makeup looks natural.


Step 2: Shades of brown and gold are great for highlighting your skin tone. Wonderwear Eye-Posh Color Quad in shade Classic will make it easy for you to get eye makeup with luxurious colors and creamy textures.


Step 3: Shades with pink tones will look great on your lips, Procollagen Lipstick in shades of Pink and Peony, will give a graceful tinge of shiny and lovely pink. For best results, use Procollagen Lip Primer beforehand to maintain moisture and prevents lips from feeling dry. You can also use the same lipstick as blusher, lightly tap on both cheeks in an upward direction for a lifted, beautiful, and natural look.

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