If you are one of those who love to do creative eye makeup, either soft or dramatic, eye shadow may become your makeup essential. For you, choosing eye shadow may become an in depth process. Choosing based on colors may not be enough for a stunning look you crave, but you also consider its texture, finish, and the pallet’s color compositions. Here are two beautiful eye shadow offers from ULTIMA II NEW ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR SERIES.

Wonderwear Eye-Posh Colour Quad

  • This amazing eye shadow pallet features 4 essential colors each. The color variation lets you combine for various the different looks or you can use just one for a simple and quick makeup.
  • Color combinations are available in 8 pallets of your choice:  Classic, Oceanic, Mysterious, Passionate, Lucky, Ecstatic, True, dan Enchant.
  • Comes with easily blended and pigmented, powdery texture.
  • Infused with soluble collagen that helps support skin collagen regeneration around your eyelids.
  • Long lasting finish.

Wonderwear Crayon Cream Eye Posh

  • With crayon-like form, this eye shadow is very practical to carry for daily use. Available colors: Blizzful, Outstanding, Loving, dan Dazzling.
  • Comes in creamy, pigmented texture that smoothly moisturizes and provides great color coverage.
  • Semi matte finish.
  • 24 hours long lasting, sweat proof formula.

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