Foundation is one of the make up components that is impossible to ignore. You can achieve 50% of perfect make up look just from using the right coverage of foundation. This is because foundation is the first step of make up application, so it has to be used correctly. There are different types of foundation you can choose. These are the tips on how to choose the correct one.

Cream Foundation

Wonderwear Cream Makeup

Cream foundation has a creamy texture, contains high level of oil, and heavy coverage. Cream foundation will give a healthy makeup look due to high level of moisturizer. With such criteria, cream foundation is perfect for dry skin type.

Product Recommendation : Delicate Creme Makeup, Wonderwear Cream Makeup

Liquid Foundation

Wonderwear Stay Last Makeup

This type of foundation are meant to be used daily. The light and liquid texture makes it easy to use even for beginners. The coverage are not as heavy and it gives a natural finish. However if you want to create a heavy coverage with this product, you can apply it layer by layer to achieve the heaviness you desire.

Product Recommendation : Wonderwear Stay Last Makeup

2 Way Foundation

Procollagen 2 Way Foundation

This solid form of foundation in compact packaging contains a pair of foundation and powder so you can achieve 2 in 1 results in one product. This type of foundation is handy when it comes to travelling and can be used as a touch up tool as well.

Product recommendation : Procollagen 2 Way Foundation, Clear White 2-way Whitening Foundation

DD Cushion

Clear White DD Cushion Brightening SPF 50 PA+++

This type of foundation have compartment inside of the product that is similar to a pillow and it is moist and watery. To apply the foundation, use the special sponge in the product with tapping motion on the face. It creates a natural finish and covers the imperfection on the face well. It also contains skincare in the cushion. The formula is friendly so it gives off a healthy and glowing look on the skin.

Product recommendation : Clear White DD Cushion Brightening SPF 50 PA+++

There you go, hopefully with the above explanation you don’t have to be confused on what type of foundation that is suitable on your skin to choose anymore!

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