You want to look impressive and amazing with matte lipstick. But if it is applied under unhealthy lips, the results will look chappy and uneven. That’s why it is important to find out how to improve your lips’ health before using matte lipstick.

  1. Lip Exfoliation

Lip exfoliation with a scrub or soft toothbrush not only removes dead skin cells on the lips, but to also improve blood flow on lips area so the lips look fresh and glowing.

  1. DIY Lip Scrub

There’s no wrong in trying DIY lip scrub. The natural ingredients will nourish your lips and keep it fresh. To make it, you only need raw sugar with honey or coconut oil. Apply slowly and gently on the lips.

  1. Stay Hydrated

One of the general cause of dry lips is the lack of water consumption. Drink at least 8 glass per day will have big impact on your body, lips looking fresh and chap free.

  1. Sun protection

Not only face and body, lips also requires the utmost protection from sun exposure. Before using make up, apply lip balm that contains SPF.

  1. Remove lipstick

After a long day, remove the lipstick residue on the lips until clean. Use a makeup remover or cleansing milk before rinsing it off with a face cleanser and water to make sure the remaining lipstick on lips is fully gone. Remaining lipstick that sticks on the lips not only causing dry lips, but will slowly change the natural color of lips.

  1. Use the correct matte Lipstick

Pay attention to your matte lipstick ingredients. Choose a friendly formula for your lip’s health. Delicate The Matte Lipstik from ULTIMA II is the latest matte lipstick that contains Collagen to nourish the lips and maintain lips’ plumpness. Added with Vitamin C & Vitamin E as anti-oxidants to help reduce the dull appearance of lips, along with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera to smoothen the lips and creates a comfortable application. Comes with 8 interesting color choices. Give it a try if you are in the mood to experience using matte lipstick with healthy lips!

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