Different skin types certainly require different treatments. Both in terms of routine care and skincare use. In order not to take the wrong steps and resulting further skin problems, you can apply these skin care tips based on your skin type.


Dry Skin

General Care

If you have a dry skin type, then pay attention to daily habits such as regularly using moisturizer and avoiding taking long hot showers (only 5-10 minutes). Never skip sunscreen before going out and reapply every few hours.


Skincare Routine

For dry skin, the key is to maintain moisture. Try applying the following steps.

  1. Avoid washing your face with warm water, use cold water to wash your face. Wash your face gently at least twice a day.
  2. Use a cleansing soap that has a gentle, alcohol-free formula on your face twice a day and after sweating (e.g. after exercising). ULTIMA II Hydra Botanic Whipping Cream Foaming Cleanser is a face cleanser with a soft foam that draws impurities out effectively without removing the skin’s water balance. Equipped with Alteromonas Ferment Extract that protects the skin from external aggressors, as well as Six Moisture-Rich Formula Combination which is naturally derived from plants to help maintain skin elasticity.
  3. Refresh your face with ULTIMA II Hydra Botanic Calming Toning Lotion. It effectively removes residue and restores the skin’s natural water balance, leaving the skin feeling fresh, calm, and comfortable.
  4. For your face and neck, use a moisturizer that is easy to apply and leaves no visible residue. After cleansing, use ULTIMA II Hydra Botanic Total Hydrating Emulsion, a morning moisturizer that soothes, nourishes, and treats skin youthfulness.
  5. At night, use ULTIMA II Hydra Botanic Total Hydrating Cream, a night cream that nourishes and keeps skin moisturized throughout the night.


ULTIMA II Hydra Botanic Series is a skincare series that is suitable for dry and normal skin problems. It has Hydra Advanced City Defense Technology (HACDT), a superior protection formula from pollution, UV rays, and city air conditioners that are harmful to the skin because they cause skin dehydration and slow down extrinsic skin immunity and health. Even better, this series is also equipped with an Anti-Glycation System formula that helps restore skin damage caused by excessive sugar consumption.


Oily Skin


General Care

The best solution for oily skin is to follow a proper and consistent skincare routine. Many people also say that their diet is what keeps their skin from acting up. This can help to stay hydrated, avoiding oily foods and trans fats.


Skincare Routine

  1. Wash with warm water and a mild formula cleaning soap. Avoid using a rough washcloth because the added friction can stimulate the skin to make more oil. ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Purifying Cleansing Gel, a face cleanser with a unique gel texture that can remove dead skin cells and balance sebum production for healthy skin.
  2. Continue to use a toner that soothes and shrinks pores is the best. ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Purifying Toner is a toner to balance the skin pH, cleanse dead skin cells, and balance sebum production. The skin remains healthy and moisturized. Suitable for oily skin.
  3. When drying the face after washing and using toner, one should pat the skin gently with a soft towel. However, do so with caution. Rubbing the skin with a towel or an object with a rough surface is not recommended, as it can stimulate the skin to make more sebum.
  4. Certain face masks may be beneficial for treating oily skin. The ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Refreshing Mask is a smooth gel mask combined with lots of skin-loving ingredients. Consist of Dual Superior Hydration Energy, Soluble Collagen, and Powersource Antioxidant Nutrients to fully moisturize the skin, leaving it looks soft, smooth, and radiant.
  5. For people with very oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer can help keep skin moisturized and protected, without feeling greasy. ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Intense Moisturizer UV Protection is a powerful morning cream suitable for oily and combination skin while protecting it from harmful UV rays. As for the night moisturizer, you can use CHR Essentials Night Cream which is rich with Natural Moisturizing factor, Soluble Collagen, Vital Nutrients, and Antioxidants. It has many amazing benefits from intensely hydrate, strengthen and protect healthy skin, as well as revitalize the skin.
  6. Oily skin is very prone to acne, so special skincare to treat acne is essential. ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Rescue Stick, a special treatment containing Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract to treat acne and reduce inflammation in acne.
  7. Exfoliation is necessary and can be optimized with regular use of scrubs (but not too often, just once to twice a week is enough). ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Refreshing Scrub is a gentle scrub formulated with Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and other natural active ingredients. It works great at clean dead skin cells, restore dull skin, and prevent clogged pores and blackheads.


The CHR Essentials skincare range is a skin treatment to revitalize skin from environmental influences and oil secretions on the face. With the best composition that meets the needs of oily skin, namely Encapsulated Salicylic Acid, an anti-acne anti-bacterial ingredient that encourages skin exfoliation. Witch Hazel Extract to soothe irritated and sensitive skin while shrinking pores. Willow Bark Extract as an anti-inflammatory to help clean pores and reduce redness. Oat Kernel Extract to relieve acne and itching, protect skin from UV rays, and repair skin from damage caused by environmental factors. Soluble Collagen to moisturize, replenish, and strengthen the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate, a more stable version of Hyaluronic Acid derivative that can penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Ultra-hydrates, strengthen the skin barrier, increases resilience, refines texture, and helps reduce signs of aging. And last but not least, Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radical damage, retain skin moisture, and reduce inflammation.

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