On the other hand, calling makeup artist for every single party might seem too much! In these situations, there is no better solution than learning how to apply party makeup on your own. For events that are not too formal but still demand you a good makeup, you can create your signature look with the following steps :


Shape your eyebrow by following its natural shape. There is no rule to make your eyebrow thick, thin, straight or pointy. Just customize it according to your own taste and style. Use WONDERWEAR EYE POSH BROW FILLER to create beautiful, yet natural looking eyebrows. WONDERWEAR EYE POSH BROW FILLER has a lightweight result, but can last for up to 10 hours and is smudge-proof. You don’t need to obsess about the exact symmetry of your left and right eyebrows. It’s natural for the whole body to have different sizes between the left and right side. Just make sure you shape them to look balanced.


Apply the eye base gel across the surface of your whole eyelids to make it last longer. After that, use WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH COLOUR QUAD according to your favourite colour or the color of your dress. However, if you want to use a neutral color, you can use WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH COLOUR in Enchant color palette.

‘Frame’ your eyelids by applying the darkest brown color at the top and the outer edge of the eyelid. Then, use the lighest brown colour on the inside corner of the eyelid. As for the middle, apply the medium brown colour to create gradation on your eyelid. Blend with the brush to blur the colour boundaries.

Apply WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH LIQUID LINER  eyeliner at the top lash line and WONDERWEAR™ EYESEXXXY EYELINER at the bottom lash line. To make it easier, you can use a cotton bud to refine the lines under the eyes. Add fake eyelashes and mascara to  further beautify the eyes.


Apply moisturizer to entire surface of your face and continue with WONDERWEAR™ STAYLAST. This foundation is able to smooth out your skin tone as well as conceal skin imperfections. The formula is long lasting and has a matte finish, so it is suitable for hours of parties. So don’t worry if you have multiple series of parties ahead. You can also contour your face shape with ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR GLAM SCULPTING MAKEUP.  This practical contouring duo can be used to redefine your face shape, its collagen infusion is also beneficial to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. (To learn about contouring tricks, read more about How to Contour with Your Face Shape). After blending the contour perfectly, you can perfect this by using powder and ULTIMA DELICATE BLUSH MATTE.


Apply WONDERWEAR LIQUID LIP-POSH FIX to get beautiful lips with matte finish. However, if you want a more laid-back look, you can use WONDERWEAR CRAYON LIP-POSH FIX.  For evening parties, don’t hesitate to opt for bolder colours! 

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