At the height of its success in the United States and Europe, Ultima II was everything a beauty brand should be: relevant, iconic, visionary. The purpose of this backcast is to extract insight from Ultima II’s legendary history, identifying principles to inspire its restage and futureexpansion in additional Asia markets.

Be Relevant
The idea of feminine empowerment is changing in Asian cultures and especially in China. Can we make Ultima II a brand that stands for female power again, acknowledging that women are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted creatures capable of leading, earning and experiencing the wider world—and being beautiful at the same time. How can Ultima II re-imagine/re-envision femininity in Asia, starting in Indonesia? Can this be crafted as part of its brand story?

Be Iconic
Ultima II was a visionary and iconic brand. The brand promise carried across all touchpoints - strong, dynamic fashion authority backed by compelling communication and pioneering product propositions. Can Ultima II create a singular, distinctive and differentiated brand identity? Can it re-launch its hero products with a different, culturally-appropriate ?lter? Not only is the aesthetic of bare, clean beauty a key beauty trend, the idea of empowering women to love the beauty they are born with is modern, fresh, liberating, and in line with Ultima II’s brand DNA.

Be Visionary
"We are beauty forward" is inspiring and true to Ultima II’s roots. Inspired by the fearlessness of Charles Revson, Kevyn Aucoin, Andrea Robinson and others, how can Ultima II empower emerging female desires, continue innovating on collagen via new forms, textures, regimens and products, and re-de?ne the aesthetics of Asian beauty in its next chapter of market expansion?

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