1. How does ULTIMA II Virtual Insta-Makeover work?
    ULTIMA II Virtual Insta-Makeover uses Artificial Intelligence technology developed by Ultima II digital development team to let you try on any Ultima II colour cosmetic products virtually and easily from home. Within the makeup mirror, you can experiment with all Ultima II colour cosmetic shades via live webcam, and/or take a photo with the chosen Ultima II colour cosmetic products applied on you.

  2. Why is ULTIMA II Virtual Insta-Makeover not working on my browser?
    Before starting, a notification will pop up from your browser asking for camera permission. Please click the ‘allow’ button to proceed.

  3. How do I know which colour suits me best?
    Before using ULTIMA II Virtual Insta-Makeover, find out your perfect palette at Ultima II Beauty Palette to find out what colour best suits your skin tone.

  4. Am I able to save and/or share the makeup look I apply?
    You are able to take a photo should you find a perfect colour from the Ultima II colour cosmetic products that you want to save for future reference.

  5. How can I purchase the Ultima II products chosen?
    To purchase Ultima II products, simply click the product that you want to select and choose your preferred e-Commerce platforms available on display (Tempo Scan Home Delivery, Lazada, JD.id).

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