The answer to everlasting youth and radiant luminous skin. Begin your journey to everlasting youth and regain your inner radiant glow, all in one bottle.

Inspired by the natural formation of pearls, where a magical broth is created. The “Mother of Pearl” protects and coats external irritants sparking the creation of a flawless luminous pearl.

The magical and nutritive concentrate formula encrypted in this luxurious serum featuring a plethora of nourishing ingredients such as:
Pure Caviar Extract
Helps to slow down the skin aging process by smoothing skin and fosters the reduction of super cial lines and wrinkles.
PolyMarine Saccharides
Coming from red and brown algae, carrageenans and alginates create a light film to moisturize and protect the skin.
Anti-Pollutant Matrix
Skin are regenerated to bring back its lustrous glow and minimize the appearances of age spots.

Efficacy Test : skin is able to stimulate +72% natural collagen in 96 hours.
How to use:

1. Press pump to combine the luxurious pearls and gel into a freshly activated brightening serum.
2. Smooth over cleansed face and neck morning and night before your moisturizer. Use a single pump for each area: forehead, cheeks and chin.

The Series

Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum

Rahasia untuk kulit awet muda dan bercahaya. Awali perjalanan kecantikan Anda dan raih kulit wajah cerah dan bersinar dalam satu botol.


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